Going back to 1995 when technology was not advanced as it is these days. Internet was never heard of. Every time I wanted to call home, I had to dial collect-call, which meant my mother would be paying for the call. Every Sunday afternoon I'd call home, my mother would pick up the call. I don't remember what we talked about but I remembered the feeling of home-sick. The feeling of wanting to return home, worrying about everyone at home, as much as they'd worry about me and how much they long to see my face.

As I eagerly waited for mails to be delivered. Everyday I'd received several letters from my friends in Thailand. After finishing with homework, I'd spend a few hours replying to those letters. It was moments like this that made homesickness just a little bearable.

Friends often asked me how come I could read and write Thai so well when I went to study in the UK at such a young age. One of the ways to keep up with my Thai language skill was to write letters and another way was to read Japanese comic books in Thai. Those were my answers.

The point of this post is no matter where we are in the world, we can always think of people we love and those that love us. Especially with the current technology that will only become even more advanced. You can be far, physically, but you can always connect and see one another's face everyday. If you are someone who want to study abroad , I encourage you, to just go. Go and explore what the world has to offer. Go and get once in a life time experience.

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