the day that I arrived Sidcot School for the first time

the day that I arrived Sidcot School for the first time

Going back 22 years ago today on 24 April 1995 was the day that I arrived Sidcot School for the first time. Even though this was a long time ago but I can still remember that day very well as if it was yesterday.

During the taxi ride with my mum, as I looked out the window of the taxi, all I could see was hills, sheep, cows, as far as the eyes could see. This is what English countryside looked and felt like! My mind went wondering whether I would understand anything I’d learn, whether if I talked to anyone and if we’d understand one another, as my English was poor at the time. What life would be like living away from home, if I’d make it.

As we entered the ground of Sidcot School, I was surprised that amongst English countryside, there was a community, filled with 3 – 4 modern-looking buildings, with English garden with a fish pond and wooden bench. There was a sport centre with enormous swimming pool and basketball court. On the other side of the road, there was a football pitch, hockey ground and tennis court. That day was one day before the school term, so most of boarders (students who were living in boarding houses) did not return yet. Everywhere I looked, it seemed so quiet.

After taking a walk around the school, the school staff took us to my boarding house, called School House Girls and house mistress brought us to my room. As I was standing there in my new room, that was to be shared with two other girls. I wondered how all my clothes and all my belongings would all fit into one tiny wardrobe, and a small cupboard. In fact, I seem to recall that my mum had to bring some of my cloths back to Bangkok with her. Underneath my smile in that picture was a smile filled with curiosity of what life would be like in the next two years in a boarding school called Sidcot!

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